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William Fraser

My beautiful baby William was born at his home on 2nd of November 2011 weighing a healthy 81b 8oz. Within days he became unwell, despite reassurance from health care professionals William was taken to queen Alexandra  hospital by myself amy bevis and fiancé Richard Fraser. Tests revealed pneumococcal meningitis.

Rhianne Statom-Barnett

This site is a tribute to Rhianne Statom-Barnett. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Primrose Adey

This site is a tribute to Primrose Adey. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Andrew Hession

Andrew passed away in December 2010 aged just 21. He was a diabetic type 1 sufferer from the age of 12 and this left him with health problems in his later months. Despite that Roo was always a cheerful cheeky chap, ever willing to lend an ear to someone in trouble and cheer them up when he could.

Sam Virgo

In memory of Sam Virgo

Andrew Martin

Brother of Charlotte Martin

Emily Alker

This site is a tribute to Emily Alker. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Lilliemay Houghton

Lilliemay just 4 years old, She had been running around the day before, bright as a button, no signs to say she was unwell. In the morning she was sick, so we changed her clothes and noticed a small purple rash appearing on her body. It was then that an ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital.

Richard Murphy

Richard was a friend of my sons who died far too young from meningitis. A reminder to us all that we are here for a very short time and must grasp the moment and be happy.

James Johnson

James was born on 21st of September 1975 and died of 'B' strain meningitis with septicaemia on 1st May 1991. A day doesn't go by when he is not remembered. His mother and I are both so pleased that, during his short life, he made such an impression on people that, to this day, he is remembered with such fondness by so many.

Lucie West

Lucie was our beautiful, bubbly, friendly, chatty and loving daughter. She died in July 2009 aged 14 after contracting Meningitis. It all started on the evening of her school sports day. She came home and started suffering with headache and vomiting. She was admitted to hospital where they discovered she had Meningitis.

Alfie Miles

This site is a tribute to Alfie Miles. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Gareth Rowlands

Fun loving, adventurous and witty is the way that most people remember “Gaz” and tragically he was taken from us on 23 May 2003 by Meningitis.

Harry Stephen Williams

2006 - 2015

Harry Williams was born in Chelmsford on May 26, 2006. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Alexander Pateman

alexander was born on the 22nd July 2005,fit and healthy.At 19 weeks old he woke early one morning,which was very unusual so we took him to the hospital.After various tests he was deemed to be fine,probably just got a virus so we left at 9am. By 2pm he was very sleepy and had the tell tale rash so we took him straight to the doctors.

Daniel James Bailey

1998 - 2016

Daniel Bailey was born in Chester on Sunday 25th October, 1998. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his family and friends.

Lewis William Hilton

1998 - 2018

This site is a tribute to Lewis Hilton, who was born in Halifax on September 25, 1998. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Jamie Davies-Sen

This site is a tribute to Jamie Davies-Sen. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Charlie Mann

Charlie is our special baby boy who passed away from meningitis on 28/10/10 aged just 15 weeks old. We miss him more than you could ever imagine, he will forever be in our hearts xx Charlie's story is here www.charliecheekychops.blogspot.

Posy Elizabeth Lyons

In memory of our beautiful daughter, our PosyBear, our Sweet P.

Gary Spackman

This site is a tribute to Gary Spackman. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Ilan Ostrove

1975 - 1997

This site is a tribute to Ilan Ostrove, who was born in Beersheba Israel on June 30, 1975. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Elizabeth Louise Harries

In loving memory of Elizabeth.

Alex Williams

“Believe and achieve” was Alex’s motto and how he lived his life. He had meningitis when he was 7 and it left him coping with so many after-effects. But that did not stop him.

Lucy Baldwin

Lucy died of meningoccal septicaemia in 1990, aged 21. To mark the 20th anniversary of her death, her sister Kate ran the Florence Marathon on 28 November 2010 to raise funds for the Meningitis Trust. Her parents, Nigel & Jenny Baldwin, have also contributed to fund with various fundraising efforts over the years.

Eve Bailey

My daughter Eve was a beautiful happy person who was loved by all who knew her. She was a loving daughter, sister, wife and mother of two beautiful children aged 4 and 1. Eve was sadly taken from us on 16/12/10 with pneumococcol Meningitis at the age of 28years, she leaves behind a space no one can fill.

Jessica Murdock

Jessica Elvina was a special little girl with blonde hair and big blue eyes, she walked and talked very early and had a captivating character. She contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia and died 3 days later at the age of 16 months. Heaven must of been missing an Angel....

Stephanie Aspey

Stephanie was 4 when she contracted pneumococcal meningitis and was taken from us suddenly.

Daniel Sibley

Daniel was studying sports coaching and development at Lincoln University and had returned home for the Christmas holidays when he tragically passed away as a result of meningitis in December 2007.

Paul Judge

Paul was a dearly loved Husband Dad and Grandad who was a healthy man taken very quickly by this awful illness. We want to remember him for the kind and loving person he was, and in memory of him we want to raise as much money as we can to help the meningitis trust.

Adam Doughty

Adam was a cheeky chappy, a much loved son, brother, grandson and friend to many. Aged 11, he was overcome by Bacterial Meningitis and passed away in 2003 with his family by his side. Adam's fight was inspirational though the sadest moment of our lives.

Joshua Ryan Bates


This site is a tribute to Joshua Bates, who was born in Preston on April 25, 2016. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Craig Beamish


Andrew Jones (Pud)

1980 - 2017

This site is a tribute to Pud, who was born on July 15, 1980. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Eric Russell

This site is a tribute to Eric Russell . He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Oliver Hall

This site is a tribute to Oliver Hall. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Isabel Gentry

This site is a tribute to Isabel Gentry. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Donna Heyes

Our precious daughter Donna died suddenly and tragically in April 2013, from Meningococcal Meningitis. She was 25 years old. She brought joy and laughter to everyone who knew her. She was so caring and thoughtful and always thinking of others before herself. As Donna grew up she was always full of fun and mischief.

Liam Keeling

My wife Georgina, daughter Hannah and my own life, was completely devastated on October 27th 2009 when our son died suddenly, after only having flu like symptoms. Liam was a loving, happy, caring, contented young man, who would chat away in his friendly manner with young or old alike.

Eve Burrows

Remembering our daughter, Eve: 15 Apr 2005 - 25 June 2006 Eve was a beautiful, happy baby with such sparkly blue eyes and a cheeky smile. She always seemed to have so much fun and everything she did she did with 100% apparent enjoyment, from looking at books, crawling really really fast, emptying the washing basket or eating jaffa cakes.

Clara Fox

Clara was a very longed and waited for baby, an image of perfection in our dreams, to a perfect reality in our arms overwhelming us with her beauty on December the 8th 2009.

Georgia Tait

Georgia was our beloved daughter, sister, granddaughter and best friend. She was loved and adored and made us proud of her all the time. She achieved so much in her 18 years and was sadly taken from us on her 18th birthday.

Margaret Mary Sadler (Marie)

1930 - 2019

This site is a tribute to Marie. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

George Moore

In rememberance of our beautiful baby boy George Stanley Moore who we tragically lost on the 6th October 2013 of meningococcal septicaemia.

Mark Knapman

Mark died on 28th March 2008 at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth aged 23. Mark was so full of life and enjoyed Scouting with the 30th Plymouth Scout Group, performing with the Plymouth District Gang shows, playing football and watching Plymouth Argyle, playing golf and surfing. Mark was always up to mischief and he enjoyed every second of life.


2009 - 2015

Billy-Boy was born in Portsmouth on December 23, 2009. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Rubie Jane Fisher


Rubie Fisher was born in Queens Hospital - Burton Upon Trent on April 08, 2015. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Ruby Burrell

In memory of our beautiful daughter Ruby Alice, who was taken from us so suddenly on the 17th January 2010. Ruby died from meningococcal septicaemia, she was 21 months old. Ruby was such a happy child, full of cheeky smiles and giggles, she truly touched the hearts of everyone who knew her.

Hayley Donze

Since Hayley passed away in Oct 2005, we have held numerous fund raising events and have accumulated a large sum of donations in Hayley's name. To date, around £2500 has been contributed to Meningitis Trust in her memory.

Mark Tanton

Big hair, big smile, big heart. This fund has been set up in memory of our wonderful son, Mark, a popular, healthy and active 14 year old lad who was tragically taken by meningococcal meningitis on 18th September 2010. We miss him terribly.

Sharon Marais

Mum was just 50 when she passed away as a result of meningitis, in January 2009. Her death has left a huge hole that can never be filled, and she is sadly missed by the many people who knew and loved her.

Susanna Porter

My daughter Susanna died on the 8th August 1987 from meningococcal C. She was a lively, bubbly 18 year old with a mass of blonde curly hair. She had a great sense of humour, full of fun and had everything to live for. She was loved by all her friends and family and is greatly missed.

Pat Davie

Pat was a very special person - wife to Bill and mother to Sue. She was an incredibly caring and loving person who tirelessly helped others. She volunteered all her life as well as always being there for friends and family. Pat took ill suddenly and died on 12 November 2013.

Lauren Eleanor Downey

1995 - 2015

Lauren Downey was born in Poole on June 17, 1995. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family. Missed forever, an irreplaceable void in our hearts 💜💜💖💜💜

Margaret Penman

Margaret was a wonderful Wife, Mother, Step Mother, Grandmother, Friend and Sister. Margaret was diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicaemia on the 2nd of January and lost her battle with this devastating disease just three days later on January 5th 2011.

Lola Kay

On Monday 7th April 2008 we finally got to meet our amazingly precious & beautiful baby girl Lola (our second daughter), who had been part of our lives for the last nine months.

Danny Stevenson

Danny James Stevenson, our beautiful son, passed away on July 25th 2007, aged 2. He contracted Meningococcal Septicaemia and within 4 hours he was taken from us. Danny had been poorly the previous evening but showed no signs of meningitis.

Sonny Dabin

Sonny William Dabin 15/03/2005 - 11/04/2009 Sonny by name & Sunny by nature!!

Lili Backhouse

In memory of our little Lili Jane Backhouse taken from this world on the 9th January 2011 at only 23 months, so quick and sudden. To help in the fight to find a vaccine. forever in our hearts. Lili had flu a week before meningitis appeared. She had made a complete recovery and was running around they day before she fell ill.

Tamara Ali

In memory of our beautiful precious daughter

Orlagh Windle

Orlagh sadly lost her battle with meningitis on 22nd September 2010, aged 21months. She was a cheeky, chatty, energetic little girl who is terribly missed by many but who will never ever be forgotten. Orlagh contracted meningitis on the 15th August. A real tough cookie, she put up a brave fight and seemed to be slowly recovering.

Amber Joel

Amber was a bright 10yr old with loveley blond hair and full of life when she was taken from us by this disease we all miss her terribly She was funny caring loved animals and loved to play football a bit of a tom boy but loved to dress up and experiment with make up with her sisters We will always remeber Amber and lover her very very m...


1987 - 2012

Tom was born in Dartford on October 12, 1987. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.


1991 - 1999

Josh was born in Hull on October 18, 1991. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Edward Saunders

This forever fund is in memory of Edward Saunders. Edward, making a difference to the fight against meningitis.

Douglas Swinden

Douglas, Dad, Pops, Doug – He was many things to many people, but we all have something in common. We’d had the privilege of having him in our lives in one way or another. Very sadly, unexpectedly and after a strong fight, Douglas passed away on 4th June 2013.

Edward Dee

This site is a tribute to Edward Dee. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Joanna Yates

This site is a tribute to Joanna Yates. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

George Zographou

George was taken by suddenly meningitis B suddenly at a festival on August 16th 2017. George was full of love and excited by life and what was ahead of him. He loved his family and friends and was football obsessed - an avid Bristol city and Arsenal supporter. He knew everything possible about football!

Mariah Dunk

Mariah, •You were such a great baby and so good for mummy and daddy. We are so glad we saw you take your first few steps.

Beren Rowbotham

We never met but you will get me up any hill on any run/walk.

James Budge

James sadly passed away in April 2005 aged 22 months to Meningitis. He is big brother to Jack & Emily and a much loved son of Donna & Martin.

Kristopher Cullen

Meningitis is a devastating and deadly virus and can leave survivors with life changing disabilities and ongoing health issues. My family knows only to well the effects Meningitis can have on a family. It was many years ago now that my sister lost her wee boy Kristopher , who was just one.

Adam Stuart

Adam Stuart was a wonderful, bright and mischievous 17 year old when he was cruelly taken from those who love him in 2007.

Lewis Campling

We lost Lewis at the age of just 19 years.He was our only child and our entire world. A brilliant mind and an even bigger heart. He studied languages ( Polish, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese ). He had a fantastic future ahead of him and clearly wanted to be an interpreter.

Emma Howse

Emma was taken ill with meningococcal septicaemia in January 1999.She was admitted to Bristol Childrens hospital where for ten days she fought the disease.Eventually the decision was taken to switch off her life support systems and Emma passed away at 12.53 on February 3rd 1999 at the young age of 15years.

Luke Mccartney

My beautiful son who will never leave my heart.

Stuart Geoffrey Jackson

This site is a tribute to Stuart Geoffrey Jackson. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Emily Styles

Emily Charlotte Styles our most beautiful brown eyed girl, fell ill suddenly on New year’s eve morning, collapsed and did not regain consciousness. She had been fit and well over Christmas.

Hector Kirkham

This site is a tribute to Hector Kirkham. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Maddison Smith

Maddison was born on the 19-7-12 she was 13 days early and had to go under the u.v light for 24 hours she was such a little fighter.

Hannah Gwilliam

Hannah was an 18 year old beautiful, talented artist from Pembrokeshire whose life was taken early by meningococcal meningitis, she passed away on 26th January 2012 in less than 24 hours after feeling unwell.

Eleanor Stoker

This site is a tribute to Eleanor Stoker. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Lenny Rayner

Lenny was the beautifull son of Kelly and the brother of Ted and Fred he was born on 18 june 2007 and taken away from us 26 april 2009.He was a beautifull little boy with his blonde hair and his big brown eyes. HE was a little boy with a mind of his own and would only do what HE wanted to do.He ran rings around everyone.

Harry Stokes

Harry was 2 days old when he was diagnosed with group B streptococcus meningitis. He was such a little fighter, he got through what we thought was the worst of it. Although he was left brain damaged by the meningitis, he never grumbled through any surgery or procedure.

Eva Ruth Christina Davidson


Eva Davidson was born in Cardiff on January 02, 2015. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Beverley Lever


Julie Longney

This site is a tribute to Julie Longney . She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Alisha Olympia Bartolini

1996 - 2014

Alisha Bartolini was born in Billinge on August 16, 1996. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Simon David Kelly

1975 - 1977

Simon Kelly was born in Bourne , Lincolnshire on April 24, 1975. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Harry John Done

Our Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Harry John Done lost his fight on Friday 20 February 2015 against Meningitis. Despite fighting valiantly against all the odds the condition took him late on Friday night. He was a bundle of fun, always laughing, smiling and crawling, (his new favourite pastime.

Lily Mae Teale (Lilybobs)


This site is a tribute to Lilybobs, who was born in Doncaster on January 06, 2017. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Rebecca Parker

Rebecca was a very special little person. In her short life she gave so much joy and happiness and although her time with us came to an abrupt end just weeks before her first birthday we can remember her with everlasting love. Rebecca saw 7 doctors in 5 days, was hospitalised overnight and discharged.

Gary Spencer

Gary age 52 was a much loved Partner,Father,Son,Brother,and Friend to many. Gary was a Grandad for only 3 weeks but would have enjoyed the love and enjoyment Grandchildren can bring into your life.

Kadyn Busby

An Eternal Memory Of KADYN DEAN BUSBY OUR LITTLE ANGEL Today it would be wonderful to see you play or smile But heaven lent you to this world for just a little while And in that short but precious time you brought along much love and all that love is with you now in heaven up above Your leaving caused so many tears and s...

Amy Haines

Born on 8th June 2011, Amy, daughter of Jane and Dan Haines, was a beautiful girl, full of life and fun. Amy sadly died from menengitis on 4th May 2012. This tribute fund has been set up in her memory so that family and friends can make a donation to the Meningitis Trust.

Mason Timmins

This is our beautiful son age 7 known as mace the ace !! Our precious angel was tragically taken by meningitus in December 2013. We miss him so much every second just can't believe he's gone and so quick !!

Donna Pilcher

Donna was 33 when she died on 11th August 1999. A fun loving woman who loved life.

Louis Carl Moraity

2012 - 2015

Louis Moraity was born in Kidderminster on August 16, 2012. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Joby Ryan Wood


Joby Wood was born in Russells hall hospital on February 21, 2015. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Ozan Yunus

In Memory and Honour of Ozan, who passed away on the 30/12/2013 with Meningitis. So young and had so much to live for at the tender age of 28. The love the thoughtfulness, he brought into peoples life's will never be forgotten.

David Howcroft

This site is a tribute to David Howcroft . He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Harley Rebecca Hamilton


HARLEY HAMILTON was born in FRIMLEY on April 01, 1994. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Vincent Graham (Vinny)

1951 - 2015

This site is a tribute to Vinny, who was born in Liverpool on June 29, 1951. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Scott Petrie

This site is a tribute to Scott Petrie. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Joshua Mcwhirter-Coy

An amazing little boy cherished by all his family.

Alexis Rose

I have made the decision to change the name of Alexis's fund to The Meningitis Family Forever Fund because this is what I think Alexis's fund has become-a big group, a family, a force of amazing people that work hard to raise awareness and funds and help each other meet targets.

Sacha Wilkinson

Our beautiful boy, Sacha, was a peace-maker: gentle, considerate, loving and generous. Sacha worshipped his sister, adored his cousins, looked out for his friends and loved his family unconditionally. His cheeky smile and zany personality shone through at school, at the tennis and cricket clubs where he made friends easily and independently.

Amber Hardy

On the 2nd May 2004 our beautiful daughter, Amber Rose Hardy, was born. Bringing with her this massive, overwhelming, power of love & feeling of pride that she is ours.

Katherine Alexandra Burridge

1993 - 2016

This site is a tribute to Katherine Burridge, who was born in Roehampton on March 15, 1993. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Katie Anne Button

This site is a tribute to Katie Anne Button. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Rio Dilks

Rio ferlance Dilks was born on the 3rd September 2002. Rio was the happiest baby as those who had the pleasure to meet him will be able to vouch for. Rio was my first son, as many of you may know Rio was struck by the devestating desease Meninjitus when he was 7 months old.

Lee Livesey

This site is a tribute to Lee Livesey. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Jasmine Clare

For Jasmine Clare, our beautiful angel xxx

Matthew Mayer

Tribute to Matthew John Mayer 08/04/1991 – 23/12/2008 From: Renee and John Mayer, his devoted grandparents.

Helen Laing

Helen Laing, a caring hardworking 24-year-old, died of meningococcal septicaemia, just four months after qualifying for her dream job as a nursery nurse. This is Helen's Forever Fund. A special place in which to remember her and to fundraise in her name to help Meningitis UK find a vaccine to eradicate all forms of meningitis.

Christopher Andrew Michael Davey (Chris)

1995 - 2018

This site is a tribute to Chris, who was born in London on June 23, 1995. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Ella Mcenery

This site is a tribute to Ella McEnery . She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Jacob Holmes

In loving memory of our special little boy who remains forever in our hearts.

Billy Taran Athwal Hamilton

1997 - 2006

Billy Hamilton was born in London on May 23, 1997. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Tirath Virdee

My dear mother passed away on 1st May 2013, she was only 63, and died very suddenly from meningococcal septicaemia. This is so heartbreaking, especially since there were no symptons until it really was too late.

Amelie Clipson-Smith

Amelie died of bacterial meningitis on 1st November 2008. She was 3 years old. Her memory lives on in everyone who knew her and we miss her very much. If a vaccine can be found that prevents other families experiencing loss like ours I can think of no other cause more worthy.

Gracie Kerr

Gracie was born on the 15/02/2009, it was a perfect birth for a perfect little girl. We were discharged 6 hours later and came home to be greeted by very excited friends and family. Although she wasn't having massive feeds, she was content in herself and didn't make a muff - the ideal baby!

Tom Allen

Tom was 2 years old when he was struck down with the meningococcal strain . Tom was the bravest happiest little man in the world and his dad's best friend and hero. A lovely dance partner for his mum and a playmate for his little sister, Molly.

Alexis-Anne Stokes (Lexi)

2013 - 2016

Lexi was born in Derbyshire on March 23, 2013. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Zac John Platt

2002 - 2004

This site is a tribute to Zac Platt, who was born in Derriford Hospital Plymouth on April 05, 2002. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Henry James Walter

2012 - 2016

Henry Walter was born in Leeds on October 25, 2012. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Twilight Cheryle Stanton

2011 - 2014

Twilight Stanton was born in Oxford on April 09, 2011. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Layla Rose Ermenekli

This site is a tribute to Layla rose Ermenekli . She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Christopher Pegler

Our funny, charming, cheeky smiling, loveable son and brother. Sadly taken from us at just 18 years old on the 18th November 2010. Forever in our hearts and thoughts.

Claudia Jayne Norma Russell (Cj)

2014 - 2016

This site is a tribute to Cj, who was born in Cyprus on September 23, 2014. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Jodie Willan

Jodie Willan Forever Loved, Never Forgotten Jodie was a bright young girl who had her whole future ahead of her. She was always smiling and was dearly loved by both family and friends.

Daniel Halford


Daniel Tierney

on 6th June 2009 aged 2 years 1 month.

John Robertson Ryan

This site is a tribute to John Ryan. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Alfie Leonard Fleming

2012 - 2014

Alfie Fleming was born in Blackpool on January 31, 2012. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

John Price

This site is a tribute to John Price. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Shane White

Shane Edward White 21.02.1974 - 31.03.2012 Gone Fishing Shane was just 38 years old when we lost him after a short battle of Meningococcal Meningitis. He died on the 31st March 2012. Shane was a cherished Son, Brother, Nephew and a special Uncle. Shane was due to be married on the 14.04.

Brett Luter


Brett Luter was born in Hull on March 30, 1975. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Deborah Lisa Mills (Debby)

This site is a tribute to Debby. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Eloise Dalton

In memory of our precious little angel Eloise, taken from us so suddenly, so cruelly on 17 December 2009. Eloise was our world. She was a true angel. Such a good girl, always smiling, such good fun and never a moments trouble. She touched so many people in the short time she was here and was loved so very very much.

Tom Wyatt

Tom was our lovely son and brother who we sadly lost on March 25th 2007 age seventeen. Tom's death was totally unexpected with meningitus B strain taking his life away within one day . He loved life, family and friends and will be remembered for his great wit and kindness by everybody.

Betty Gilmore

Our mum passed away unexpectedly on 20th March 2014 from bacterial meningitis. This came as a terrible blow to the whole family. We want to celebrate her life remember the good times and raise money for vital research in her memory. She was born on the 25th March 1932 and married Billy and had four children Billy, Lorraine, Karen and Deborah.

Illana-Jade Burton

A beautiful baby girl. You touched so many in your short time with us. Always remembered , a star shines bright for you each night. X.

Joyce Shephard

1930 - 2019

This site is a tribute to Joyce Shephard , who was born on September 09, 1930. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Lauren Aimee Jones

2003 - 2018

This site is a tribute to Lauren Jones, who was born on July 08, 2003 and who died on December 21st 2018. She is much loved by all of her family and friends and will always be remembered.

Mia Barton Bright

2014 - 2016

Mia Bright was born in Barnsley on September 14, 2014. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Lily Crookham

Lily is our gorgeous baby girl who passed away from pneumococcal meningitis on 13th June 2012 after a week long battle aged 15 months.

Jake Tomlinson

Baby Jake was the only child of Sarah & Dean and the first grandchild of Josie, Vince, Marion and John. Jake had a unique gift of touching the heart of everyone. To the world just a little boy. To us, the world.

Pauline Ellingworth

This site is a tribute to Pauline Ellingworth. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Eric Bennett

1923 - 2019

This site is a tribute to , who was born on August 18, 1923. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Gregor Smith

Gregor was a typical fun loving healthy 13 year old boy until Meningococcal Septicaemia took his life within 20 hours on the 24th February 2013. On the Saturday morning he played with his local football team Kirkcaldy united,then in the afternoon played football with his friends and organised one to sleepover.

Luana Murray

Our beautiful baby Daughter whose life with us was far too short but whose actions and smile ensured everyone benefited from her life with us.

Ben Hay

This tribute fund has been set up in memory of our precious son Ben who died of Meningococcal Scepticemia aged 15 years on October 11th 1999. He was full of life, loved his sport, especially football and Arsenal. He is greatly missed by us, his parents, his brother Jack, his grandparents and all those that knew him.

Angela Shenton

This site is a tribute to Angela Shenton. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Matthew Mackie

Our beautiul little boy, Matthew, was as lovely a child as you could ever wish to meet - happy, gentle, kind and loving. He brought joy wherever he went. Tragically, on 18th August 2003, at the age of just 18 months, he developed meningococcal septicaemia. Just 12 hours after becoming ill he was taken from us by this dreadful disease.

Grace Elizabeth Phelps

Grace was a happy healthy baby born on the 10th February 2009 at the North Staffs City General Hospital. At just under 12 months old Grace contracted meningococcal septicaemia on the 4th February 2010.

Ellie Beaumont

On the 23rd May 2013 our daughter Ellie Grace Beaumont lost her brave fight with Pneumococcal meningitis and septicaemia. It took hold of her very quickly, and she left us after a short 2 day battle, at just 16 days old. Those 16 days we had with her were the best 16 days of our lives and we will never forget our gorgeous little girl.

Fred Goodchild

In Loving memory of Fred Goodchild who is much loved and will be greatly missed. Please donate in his memory he would have wanted this instead of flowers. Thank you.

Erin Cooke

This page is for our beautiful daughter Erin who died on 31/01/2013 aged 14 weeks. She was ravaged by pneumococcal meningitis and didn't have a chance. We would love to raise money for research and equipment to help eradicate this cruel disease and prevent other families from suffering our pain.

Carol English

Thank you for visiting our tribute to our beautiful and bubbly, loud-laughing wife, mother, nana, daughter and big big sister Carol, who died suddenly from meningitis in January 2009. Carol is sorely missed by all of us and always in our thoughts.

Jordan Barber

This site is a tribute to Jordan Barber. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Joel Ruck

As a permanant tribute and in loving memories of baby Jojo a little boy that gave such joy, pleasure and hugh smiles that would fill the room. I would like to dedicate on his first birthday and every year after, a pledge to supporting Meningitis UK. Born on March 25th 2009 and left this world on 31st Dec 2009.

Daisy Metcalfe

Daisy Jean Metcalfe is our beautiful, wonderful Daughter, (big sister to Ruby, Grandaughter and niece )who passed away on the 11th january 2013 due to pneumococcal meningitis. She was only 15yrs old with a bright future. She was talented in many ways but most of all she was very kind and loving. An inspiration to everyone who met her.

Charlotte Spencer

This tribute fund is in memory of our beautiful daughter Charlotte who died of meningitis in October 1996. She was also the much loved sister of our other daughter Katy.

Calum Macleod

Calum was only 12 when he was taken from us, within touching distance of being a teenager. He was a kind, considerate and intelligent lad who loved to have fun. He loved his little sister, Kirsten, from the moment he first met her at the maternity hospital.

Owain Pleszak

26/09/1988 - 24/08/2008

Michael Dodgson


Deborah Carswell


Jacob Heywood

"my wonderful little man" jacob was 15 months old full of life a had a wonderful personality cheeky and happy all the time. jacob contracted meningitis in october 07 and in may 08 which was fatal. best 15 months of all our family's life he was a little angel in his own right.

Elliot Wood

Our beautiful baby boy Elliot passed away on 3 January 2010 aged 13½ months. He contracted Meningoencephalitis and although he tried so hard to fight the illness, it overwhelmed him. Elliot brought so much joy and happiness to every person he met.

Rhianna Warner

Rhianna was the most special little girl to all who knew her and will always be known for her cheeky smile and dimples. Rhianna very sadly died of meningococcal septicaemia on new years eve 2009 age 2 years after being sent home from Hospital with what they said was a water infection hours later she was rushed back in but sadly died.

George Wintle

Baby George John Wintle 09th April 2010 - 23rd October 2010 Aged 6 Months Our Gorgeous George a Beautiful and Precious little Angel who was too perfect for this world. Our Gorgeous George a beautiful little baby boy who was taken from us so tragically and so cruelly. He left to become a perfect little Angel in Heaven.

Margaret Allan

An amazing mum - surperb sister and auntie - fabulous friend Mum was so full of love and really did wear her heart on her sleeve. Having found her niche working at a local Primary School, mum dedicated so much of her time to supporting the school and with this, the children to achieve.

Callum Sim

In memory of our gorgeous little boy who tried his hardest to fight meningitis, and at 5days old he was over come by it and passed away in his mummy's and daddy's arms xxx

Marcus Naylor

This site is a tribute to Marcus Naylor. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Christie Holt

Two dates stick in my mind 7th September 1996 the happiest day of my life and 23rd December 2010 the saddest day of my life.

Kai Preston

This page is created in memory of Kai Preston who lost his life to Meningitis at the age of 4 on the 1st August 2014. He was a very intelligent little boy who used to make everyone laugh and loved cars.

Jacob Davey

jacob was 3 years and 10 months old when he died of meningococcal septicaemia he was a healthy little boy and will be missed much by his mum dad n baby brother stephen

Thomas Smith

Thomas George Smith Our son Thomas arrived in this world with such a shock to everyone, including me! With being so small, having a mop of thick black hair and an immense pair of dark brown eyes, he was an absolutely gorgeous baby!

Eleanor Oldham

Eleanor May was born 30th June, 2008. She was daddy's little princess and mummy's angel from the moment she was born, she has the biggest blue eyes just like daddy. A ready smile, she is a beautiful little girl. Eleanor has a friend in Lily the cat both as cute as each other. Eleanor had a inquiring mind and just needed to see everything.

Dylan Stott

DYLAN DAVID STOTT A beautiful little boy. His life was short, but full of meaning. He was, and is, a complete person. He laughed and cried, he lived his life to the full and the best thing in it was the love of his family. Dylan was a complete person. He bought a lot of joy into our lives, and we have so many memories of him.

Andrew Denby

On Friday 13th April 2001, which was Good Friday, our son Andrew came home from working away as steel fabricator country wide.He was feeling unwell with flu like symptoms in the evening of this day.The following morning he was complaining of stomach pains my husband stayed home with him whilst I continued to go shopping for the Easter weekend.

Spencer Dayman

In memory of Spencer Dayman - Our Beautiful Brother - still such a big part of our lives.

Mark Owen

A very precious and fun loving little boy. Taken from his family very suddenly.

Hugo Wong

Our beautiful cheeky chubby little Hugo died in our arms after contracting a rare form of bacterial Meningitis and septicaemia. It was the 10th April 2014 and he had turned exactly 20 months. This was a sudden tragedy and we are still trying to understand why this has happened to him.

Connie Williams

Connie was a unique and wonderful lady and a real character: funny, soft-hearted, and always ready to help those in need. Although nearly housebound in her later years, she stitched and knitted a vast number of items for charity, including dolls' clothes for the premature baby unit of the local hospital.

Cerys Larby

On the 16th December, in the early hours of the morning, Cerys arrived, her brother Alex arriving 16 minutes later. Both of them beautiful, but in very different ways. Cerys, our petite angel: her delicate features; her beautiful hands and feet; her long slender fingers; her intense stare that melted our hearts.

Chloe Coyle

Anyone that knew Chloe already knows all the wonderful things about her that made her special and anyone that didn't meet her, well, you missed out. Chloe was a beautiful, kind and intelligent little girl with a smile that could melt any heart.

Mavis Smith

Mavis died on 13/08/2009 from pneumococcus meningitis aged 62. She was full of life, loved to travel, especially cruising and was a keen gardener. Always generous with her time and advice she had a large circle of friends. Loved and greatly missed by her family – Always in our thoughts.

Helen Cadden

Helen Cadden is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Stanley Jobling

Stanley Thomas Jobling ("Stan") was amazing. He died because of Meningitis B. On Monday 14th January Stan was diagnosed with Meningococcal septicemia. He put up an incredible fight to get through the first few hours, then a day, then a week, but the strenght of the disease was too much; it had done its damage. Stan was a strong and healthy boy.

Howard William Russell

This site is a tribute to Howard William Russell. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Barry Connell

This Trust has been set up in Memory of Barry Connell, who tragically passed away in April 2008 at the age of 28. he was a good friend and this is set up to try and say thanks to him for everything hes done for us over the years.

Christine Saltmarshe

Christine had pneumococcal menigitis not once but twice and survived both times. First time she managed a full recovery as she was treated very quickly and was only in a coma for a few days.

Stephanie Dunn

Stephanie Dunn was only young when she lost her life to Meningitis. It has been eleven years since she has past, and we would like to show that we care!

Bobby Bushell

bobby was such a happy go lucky little boy he was so much fun to play with and put a smile on ever one that was around him he is a very much loved son ,brother,granson,nephew,great granson, .

Arif Tayabali

This is in tribute to dear Arif who died on the 16th February 2008 aged 61. Arif was a vibrant, energetic and witty man. His advice was invaluable, his laughter infectious, and his glass, always half full! Losing him to such a terrible disease came as a huge shock to all of us.

John Buchan

We want to use this account to help find a cure to prevent others going through what our brave little boy suffered.

Amanda Sime

This site is a tribute to Amanda Sime. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Keiron Foster

This is for my little boy Keiron Sadly had his life cut short on christmas day 1990 at the age of 9 months. Keiron became ill christmas eve and after being seen by the doctor twice saying he just had a stomach bug he died 6 hours later in hospital at 2 o'clock christmas morning to meningitis.

Amelia Loczy

Our beautiful daughter who sadly passed away on 11th May 2010, aged 41/2 years old. So full of life and love, we miss you princess, more than words can say.

Thomas Ogden

Thomas is our youngest son, he passed away very suddenly on Sunday 15th of February 2009, to pneumococcal meningitis, he had no symptoms at all, he had been a little sick but we put that down to a take-away the night before. Thomas was a very happy, jolly, bouncy boy,he has left a great void in our lives.

Craig Welsford

1977 - 2015

craig Welsford was born on July 27, 1977. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Ashton Edmunds

Ashton was an 8 year old happy, fun and very loving little boy. He loved footballer especially Cardiff city. He adored his brothers and sisters. Music was a big passion for Ash and always helped burn off his energetic ways. He also took great pleasure in winding up all his family and friends. In short he was a very cheeky but lovable child.

Patrick Mullarkey

Pat died on 11th November 2010 aged 38 of pneumococcal meningitis. We have set up this page in his memory for his friends and family to be able to help other people affected by this condition.

Austin Reeve

Austin Reeve passed on 3rd of Jan 2011. Just 25 years old and had so much to live for.

Shaun Dimmock

Shaun was a very special and unique person, he was a very much loved and a loving son. A special daddy to Luke and missed by everyone who loved him. He was witty, fun loving and had a wicked sense of humour. he could brighten up the dullest room with his infectious character.

Josephine Riches

Josephine (Jo) Riches was a loving Wife to Ray, Mother to Adrian, David and Hayley and Nan to six grandchildren. A special sister to Hilary, and friend to many. Always giving lots of her time and attention to others before herself. Will be sadly missed by all her family and friends.

Liam Woods

in memory of my loving son Liam woods aged 14.

Stephen Reay

Remembrance page for Stephen Reay

Cy Brannan

Cy was bubbly little boy who sadly died on october 5th 2007 from meningecoccal septicemia.In his memory we aim to raise funds to help families who have been bereaved through awareness and social events and helping the charity through radio, tv and newpaper apperances.

Joshua James Prime

Joshua was an image of perfection in our dreams whilst pregnant and a perfect reality in our arms when he was born on 24 July 2010. He had infectious bright blue eyes and then there was his smile that everyone talked about. He touched the hearts of so many people in the short time he was here and he was loved so very much.

Jessica Morgan

Our beautiful little girl Jessica was taken from us on 5 November 2005 from Meningococcal Septicaemia aged just 2 years old, since loosing her we have tried to raise the awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease and every halloween we hold a party in memory of Jessica to raise as much money as we can to donate to Meningitis Uk.

Jessica Preston

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. Donating through this Forever Funds is quick, easy and totally secure. Meningitis UK gets your money faster and, if you’re a UK taxpayer, it makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation. Thank you for your support.

Johnny Mclaughlin

Johnny's brother Mark will run 12 half marathons in six months around Britain, Europe and the United States this year to raise money for Meningitis UK. Please sponsor Mark if you can, to help find a vaccine for this devastating disease. Johnny's death on Christmas Day 2012 left a deep mark on his family and many friends around the world.

Ryan Johnson

In loving memory of Ryan Johnson age 3 years born 3.12.2006 passed peacefully away Tuesday 13.04.2010 at the bristol childrens hospital after being diagnosed Monday 12.04.2010 with meningococcal septicaemia. He was the much loved son and brother of Sarah, Tyrone and Lydia, Cameron and Aaron.

Joseph Nicholson-Ayers

Joseph Brian Nicholson-Ayers <3 28.09.2009 - 04.12.2010 No farewell words were spoken, No time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, And only God knows why. Forever loved and missed!!

Callum Towne

11:02 on the 11/12/11 was the greatest moment of our live's when our gorgeous baby boy Callum was born weighing 6.4. We were just absolutely blown away by our beautiful little miracle and that feeling never faded, only got stronger.

Benjamin Shakespeare

We have established this tribute fund in memory of our fantastic little boy Ben, who died of Meningitis on 28 February 2009, aged 17 months.

Maxwell Evans


Matthew Jones

In memory of our son Matthew who died from meningitis on 21st October 1998 whilst in his second year at Bath Spa University.

Ethan Firman

This fund has been set up in memory and in tribute of our beautiful boy Ethan. He was born on the 11th of October 2006 and sadly passed on the 13th of April 2008, 4 months before the birth of his little sister Emily. He was 18 months old. Our love for him was so great, that there aren't enough words to describe it.

Alfie Baucutt


Alfie Baucutt was born on November 18, 2013. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Neave Gardener

Healping raise money for a special little girl.

Jackie Cruci

Jackie Cruci was a loving mother, daughter and sister who sadly passed away on 14th July 2008, after contracting Meningitis and Septacemia. Jackie was 40 years old when she passed, with 3 children who she adored. She has always been a hardworking, kind and caring lady who would do anything for her family, friends and people in need.

Eileen Watson

In loving memory of my mum...still missed after all these years.

Barry Mann

In loving memory of a dear brother.

Laela Roberts

Laela passed away on 9/7/2013, Laela was 19 months old, she had a very bubble character always happy and smiley. Laela was a daughter,sister, grand daughter and great-grand daughter to people that loved and adored her very much. Laela fought for her life the day she left, i will never forget how strong she was.

Rahul Chauhan

Rahul Chauhan Age: 13 21st August 1996 to 4th December 2009 A loving son, brother, nephew, grandson and friend. His cheeky smile will always live on on our hearts, he touched so many peoples lives in so little time. He will be truly missed.

Evelyn Harris

This site is a tribute to Evelyn Harris. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Taylor Westley-Smith

Taylor was a beautiful, lively and outgoing little boy but sadly he got taken by Meningococcal Septicaemia, with early signs of Meningitis B at the tender age of only 9 and a half months. It is too late for us but we now want to raise as much awareness and funds for this horrible infection/disease.

Barbara Bullock

Barb fell poorly in May 2010, going to bed complaining of flu like symptoms, only to be rushed to hospital a few hours later in a coma, being diagnosed with Meningococcal/septicemia.

Amelia Mary Scudder


Amelia Scudder was born in Chelmsford on April 07, 2015. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Douglas Swinden

This site is a tribute to Douglas Swinden. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Daniel Sibley

Daniel Sibley is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Kieran Wilkinson

Kieran Wilkinson, the most beautiful boy in the world. Much loved Son, Brother, Nephew and grandson. Kieran was the naughtiest auty (autistic) of all! He loved life and all he could get from it. Missed with every breath that we take but remembered and cherished forever.

David Fay

This fund has been set up in loving memory of David Joseph Fay. D was my partner of 8 years and he died on the 8th May 2010 of viral meningoencephalitis, a rare form of viral meningitis.

Gary Edmund Mansbridge

1974 - 2015

Gary Mansbridge was born in portsmouth on February 22, 1974. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Thomas Lynch

Gorgeous Tommy Lynch, born 12th Febuary 2012, and lit up all our lives until 7th March 2013. My beautiful beautiful, happy, smiley baby boy. So very sudden. We will love you forever, you beautiful angel. Our lives are so much better for having had you. We miss you so much.

Reginald Oscar Dennis De Silver (Reggie)

2017 - 2018

This site is a tribute to Reggie, who was born on January 21, 2017. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Kelsey Smart

In loving memory of our little princess Kelsey Smart born 10.08.2006 passed away peacefully Tuesday 28.02.2012 at the Bristol Children's Hospital after being diagnosed Monday 27.02.2012 with meningitis B. Always in our hearts and thought, mum, dad, brothers Simon, Bradley and Jayden.

Dee Haydon

On Sunday 8th September 2013 my beautiful, amazing, brave mum passed away. She contracted Group B Streptococcal Meningitis which was so severe her body was unable to recover. Words cannot describe how absolutely devastated we all are and how much she is loved and missed.

Cameron Wood

1997 - 2015

Cameron Wood was born in Enfield on April 13, 1997. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Steven Woods

This site is a tribute to Steven Woods. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Gracie Keown

Our dear little Gracie passed away on the 17th Feb. 2011 at just 7 months of the B strain meningococcal sepitcemia.Every day since has been a challenge, not just for us as parents but for the whole family.Today has been a start for us to remember Gracie by setting up her Forever Fund.

Jordan Hull

My eldest son, Jordan Peter Hull, born on 16th January 1999, died age almost 3 yrs old, of a very rare form of Meningitis,strain w135, from mecca, not known in our country. He died new years eve, in 2002. He had been ill all day, mainly sleeping, but kids sleep when they are ill.

Nelson Jenkins

Huw Nelson Raynes Jenkins ("Nelson" to his family and friends) was a big individual in many respects. He was a gentle giant, a family guy (a dependable and doting big brother) as well as being highly intelligent and articulate (albeit also terminally lazy!).

Lacey Mccready

Lacey Elizabeth McCready is my darling wee daughter she was born - 19.09.08 happy little baby. She became not well on 30th we got her to hospital and she was fighting for her life.Sadly her little body could not fight it any longer and she passed away on new years eve 2008 from meningococcal septicaemia.

Sarah Hayes

When I think of cheeky grins, hugs and flowers, I think of Sarah! Never an angel, she was the free spirit we all wanted to be. Sarah could brighten up a room with her loud laughter and daft jokes. Life was an adventure for Sarah and she had so many dreams!

Ronan Crummy

This site is a tribute to Ronan Crummy. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Sophia Godwyn

Sophia was born 9/11/01 and sadly passed away on 18/12/01. The day she joined her blessed twin Hope Godwyn, who sadly passed away before she was born. Sophia was born early so we could enjoy her radiating smile. She was tiny, but we had plenty of sweet cuddles.

Aaliyah Wells

Our princess Aaliyah Charity Fund Raiser for Aaliyah Wells-Facebook Link

Caden Jones

This page is for my gorgeous little boy he lost against meningitis on the 5/3/14 after only being ill for 11 hours. Caden had meningitisB and septicaemia.

Stephen Quigley

Stephen Quigley is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Paul Harwin


Layton Cleaver

Layton was always a happy lively character, always on the go. Every where he went and who ever he saw, he greeted them with a loud and clear "hiya" followed by such an infectious laugh. We lost our special little boy aged 16 months, on 27th October 2009, after a very short and unexpected fight to the horrific disease meningococcal septicaemia.

Cara Foster

Greatly missed Daughter and Sister Lost her life tragically to meningitis at just 22 months old, she barely lived, but the time she did she was so bright with this beaming smile and nothing will replace the hurt, pain and loss to our family loosing cara and now there are many ways in which to prevent and cure this disease.

Demi-Lee Percy

Demi-Lee Louise Percy 17/12/2007-28/12/2008 Aged 1 year and 11 days. DEMI-LEE - Our Gorgeous, Beautiful and Adorable PRINCESS. THE BEST DAUGHTER ANYONE COULD EVER WISH FOR X.X.X.X.X.X.X.X. She was taken from us so tragically and so cruelly and we miss her sooo much.

Alan Thomas Pearey

1958 - 1991

Alan Pearey was born on July 24, 1958. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Katie Morgan

Katie was just 18 years old when we lost her after a short battle with meningococcal meningitis; she died on the 21st January 2012. Katie was a cherished daughter to Karen and Graham and a much loved sister to Ben.

Jason Steven Brooks

1979 - 2015

Jason Brooks 2/10/1979-18/05/2015 in memory of a loving father and husband. missed more than words can ever say x

Michelle Hopkinson

A dear friend passed away on the 28th december 2011 from a sudden illness. she has left behind two lovely children whom she adored along side her family and friends, shelly was a dedicated and loving care assistant and put her heart and soul in her work. I want to now give something back to her in honour of her name.

Liam Newman

my son liam darren newman got his life shortend from meningitis it took us by suprise so we do much as we can to help meningitis uk. my son was a loving caring boy he always had a cheeky smile he was always jolly he never made you cry when he was born i thought this is it this is going to be the best time of my life.

Alicja Dancy

To our surprise Alicja came Along on 6th December 2010. Since that date our lives changed forever.

Rhys Taylor

Rhys died very suddenly on January 29th 2002 after a swift and fatal illness, he was 5 years old.

Julie Rhoda Davey

1936 - 2017

This site is a tribute to Julie Davey, who was born on July 12, 1936. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Joanne Fairley

To be updated....

Darren Underwood

Darren was born 14 weeks prematurely & weighed 2lb 5oz. He had Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus & an intollerance to fats in food & milk. Darren is our 2nd child, brother to David, Daniel, & Jessica, he was such a little fighter. He was hopitalised for the first 6 months due to his prematurity & complications.

Lee Gareth Jordan

1974 - 2016

This site is a tribute to lee jordan, who was born in germany on August 07, 1974. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Katrina Hall

1997 - 1998

Katrina Hall was born in Coventry on September 21, 1997. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Paul Hodge

Paul Hodge is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Trudy Marie Miller

1965 - 2017

Miller, Trudy Marie Passed away on 27th May 2017 Aged 51 Trudy will be sadly missed by all of her family and friends.

Luke Farrelly

Our beautiful, funny and large as life 18 year old son, brother and friend was taken suddenly on Sunday 11th August 2013. Lukey was loved by so many, he filled and brightened up every room with his cheeky smile and sense of humour. Luke contracted meningitis and within several hours died from this devastating virus. He stood no chance.

Duke William Barton

2014 - 2015

Duke Barton was born in Preston on September 21, 2014. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Jack Naylor-Rawson

Everything we do for the Trust is in memory of our beautiful son Jack. Jack lost his life to meningitis when he was only 3 years old. We do our bike riding fund raisers because Jack loved his bike so so much!

Andrew Simpson

Andrew took ill with Meningococcal Meningitis and Septicaemia in April 2006. He bravely survived but unfortunately suffered amputation of the forefoot on both legs, as well as several fingers. He endured many skin graft operations on his legs and arms over the next 2 years but remained very positive throughout and even learned to walk again.

Edward Thompson (Ted)

1907 - 1992

This site is a tribute to TED, who was born in Hebburn on August 10, 1907. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Liam Mccready

This site is a tribute to Liam McCready. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Lois Phelps

On the 14 October 2009 Lois came home from school feeling poorly, she had been suffering from flu the previous week and had not totally recovered, so she went to bed as soon as she got home. The only symptoms she had were headache, sore throat and feeling achy, exactly the same symptoms of flu.

Teresa O'Reilly

This site is a tribute to Teresa O'Reilly. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Lauren Taylor

My beautiful daughter Lauren passed away 31/12/2012. She was a beautiful daughter,sister to jade,connor,megan,robbie and declan,granddaughter,niece and mummy to Ryley . She wil always be loved and missed forever. 10/12/1994 - 31/12/2012 aged 18 years.

Ben Smith

When Ben was born on the 16th of July 1996, i was the proudest mum in the world, to have a beautiful baby boy.As he grew up he was so handsome with beautiful big brown eyes and a very cheeky smile (which all the girls loved), he was very sporty and loved his football and supported Arsenal.

Finley Wignall

Finley was born on 9th Oct 2007. He was a fun loving, caring character and always made people laugh. He loved Peppa Pig and made everyone giggle with his Peppa Pig outfits and actions. He left behind a very special older brother.

Lauren Taylor

We are raising money to remember our beautiful daughter, sister, niece and friend. She left behind her beautiful son Ryley who was 18months at the time. She was a fantastic mum and loved her little boy so much. We lost her at the young age of 18 on new years eve 2012 to Encefalitas which is a rare and unheard form of meningitis.

Linda Potter

Mum passed away on November 2nd 2008 (All Souls Day) aged 56, after a spirited 3-day fight against a sudden and devastating contraction of Pneumoccocal Meningitis. She was the loved and cherished Partner of Alun and Mother of Jonathan, Sarah & Katy. A devoted Nana to Joseph, Daniel, Josh and Annabelle.

Angel-Lee Knight

Our beautiful baby girl was sadly taken away from us on the 22nd november 2010 aged 5 months not a day goes by that she isnt loved and missed xx angel battled meningitis for 16 days at queens medical centre before she past away in my arms x

Jane Harris

Loving Mother Jane Harris loved wildlife and in the 70s and 80s was very keen to promote conservation. She supported the Devon Wildlife Trust for many years and in 1995 Penstave Copse was planted in her memory by many of the people who new and loved her. Jane was a popular and loving person who is greatly missed by all who new her.

Louie Doyle


Michael Kenneth Green

1943 - 2016

This site is a tribute to Michael Green, who was born in Coventry on March 27, 1943. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Luka Andjelkovic

A tiny flower lent, not given to bud on earth and bloom in heaven.

Kaitlin Fellows

Our beautiful little princess, taken from us by the killer 'B' strain of Meningitis at the very end of the last millenium. We cannot let this horrible disease continue to take away our loved ones or ruin more lives. We have seen the fantastic work that Meningitis UK (Spencer Dayman) did then and continue to do now.

Lynne Tracey Bone

1964 - 2016

This site is a tribute to Lynne Bone, who was born on August 29, 1964. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Rose Rowland

Rose died of meningococcal septicaemia on the 16 may 2012 at 9 months old.

Corby Ashurst

Corby was a loving Son and Brother who left this world on the 28th of June 2012 just 3 days before his 7th birthday from Acute Menigo-Encephalitis. Corby was known as a 'Cool Dude' to family and friends alike, with the most infectious smile and kindest heart. Quiet natured....

Justine Boyce

Justine and I were twin sisters. Justine contracted Meningitis when we were 23. Within hours she was extremely unwell and later that day was brain dead. It all happened so quickly and was totally unexpected. This year is the 20th anniversary of her death.

Eira Pomeroy

Our beautiful daughter, Eira died on the 22nd of February, 2013 aged two years. We took her into hospital on the Sunday when she was diagnosed with Pneumococcal Meningitis and put on a ventilator, she celebrated her 2nd Birthday on the Tuesday and she passed away on the Friday.

Jackson Griffiths

Jackson had pneumococcal meningitis when he was just 7 weeks old.

Martin Coombes

Martin was a loving son, brother and father. He always had a smile on his face. He was a keen pool player, always the marksman in his local league. He played pool for Dorset, and was keen to coach younger players. We will always remember him as someone full of life, and fun to be with.

Jayne Audra Drackett

1966 - 2014

This site is a tribute to Jayne Drackett, who was born in Portsmouth on November 06, 1966. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

James Tomkins

Thanks for visiting this page. As James's first birthday approaches, it seems only right that I set up this forever fund in his memory. As you know, James’s life was cut incomprehensibly short by a Group B Streptococcus meningitis when he was just 20 days old.

Kimberley Skinner-Gibson

in loving memory of our beautiful daughter Kimberley, who died from meningitis & septacemia on 26th January 1991 aged 15 years. Kimberley was a fun loving teenager who took ill with flu like symptoms on the Thursday night ,destite all efforts of Scunthorpe General Hospital, she died on the Saturday Evening.

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan came home from work one day with a stomach ache and woke up the next morning with septicaemia. Then followed forty three days on life support. Jonathan died on 28 May 1999, three weeks after his 43rd birthday. He was on immunosuppressant drugs because of a lifelong auto immune illness.

Julian Taylor (Jules)

1983 - 2016

This site is a tribute to Jules, who was born in Bedworth on December 06, 1983. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Kayden Joseph Kudlek

2010 - 2011

kayden kudlek was born in North Staffordshire on October 15, 2010. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Ellie O'Gorman

Ellie mai was 8 weeks old when she contracted meningitis.She fought so hard for 7 days but sadly her fight for survival ended in tradgedy when doctors told us there was nothing more they could do for her and we had to make the most devastating decision any parent could make and that was to turn off her life support machines.

Michael Ord

Michael Alexander Ord - died on the 7th July 1993, aged 14. Much loved son of Anne and Stuart Ord and brother of Laura, who was then 9 years old. He was a student at Queen's Park High School, Chester and had been representing his school at County Sports when he took ill.

Alexander Harrop

Alex was born a happy healthy baby in 2003 and died in Alder Hay Childrens Hospital just two weeks after his second birthday in 2005 from HIB meningitis.Since then I have raising funds for the trust. PLEASE BUY A CANDLE IN MEMORY OF MY BOY AND HELP THE TRUST IN THEIR VITAL WORK AGAINST MENINGITIS.

Joanne Frances Mccourt

1961 - 2015

Joanne McCourt was born in Edinburgh on May 05, 1961. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Paul Easton

Dad to Sam and Josh and my best friend for the last 20years, Jake made his mark in more ways than one. He managed to fight against convention and do it in his own unique way all the way to the end.

Jacob Brown

The Meningitis UK Charity is very dear to my wife Alex and I. In 2005 we were expecting our first baby together, we were full of nerves, excitement, and anticipation. For me, I was over the moon at thought of becoming a father for the first time and ecstatic knowing that we were having a boy.

Lisa Kate Abetstone-Beechey

Lisa Abetstone-Beechey is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Josh Hearn

Josh was our amazing larger than life 18 Yr old son, brother, grandson,nephew and friend. He was tragically taken from us on the 31/5/2013 by meningitis. Josh lived life to the full and put his heart and soul into everything he did.

Paul Murdock

Paul was husband to Sue, and dad to two lovely girls Sally and Iona. Paul was 45 when he became ill and was very suddenly and sadly taken from us.

William Harrison

1999 - 2002

William Harrison was born in Sheffield on July 10, 1999. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Emma Hepburn

In loving memory of my beautiful little cousin Emma Elizabeth Hepburn. Taken from us 2nd January 2009 at 17 years old. My family and I miss her very much.

Ian Devo

Ian contracted Meningitis on 4th January 2009 and after a courageous battle, he lost his fight on 8th January. Ian was a competitive character in many aspects of his life; sports, silly games, drinking and eating, but mostly he was a dedicated partner and father to his 5 children.

Barry Connell

This Trust has been set up in Memory of Barry Connell, who tragically passed away in April of 2008 at the age of 28 due to Meningitis. Barry was destined for big things as a DJ! Having secured residences at not only one but two of the biggest clubbing brands around in Goodgreef and Inside Out!

Leo Wells

Leo was our 3rd child, he was just 2yrs 5mths when we lost him to meningitis on 25.3.10. He was a very happy (and cheeky) little boy who was loved by all who knew him. his sister and brother's are lost without him and we, as a family, want to raise as much as possible to help other families who are going through what we are.....

Ciaran Mcphee

this is in memory off my son ciaran who fell asleep in april 2006 he was a happy playful little boy who loved his cuddles and his toys and music i want too use this as an inspiration too help others and hopefully raise money for meningitis now many thanks.

Mark Hall

This is in memory of a very special baby, son, brother, grandson, nephew and cousin. Mark lived for just 23 days and is loved and missed by family and friends in both Canada and Britain. His mother describes him as wonderful, beautiful and a placid "cool dude".

Leah Carroll

Beautiful Princess Leah passed away aged 5 months on 04/01/2014.

Joyce Freshwater

This site is a tribute to Joyce Freshwater. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Clea Herrmann-Aicher

This is the tribute page for Clea Maria Herrmann-Aicher.

Harvey Jake Hellens

2010 - 2014

harvey hellens was born in sunderland on January 23, 2010. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Arjun Sandhu

Mandy & Ajay lost their beautiful son Arjun on the 27th August 2012. Arjun was only 23 months old, and he passed away exactly 4 weeks before his 2nd birthday. He was the most beautiful baby that anyone had ever seen, and his smile would light up the whole room. He was loved by his whole family and especially his older brother Arun.

Cian Griffiths

My wonderfull little grandson took ill on the evening of the 23 of Feb with meningococcal meningitis ,after fighting hard for his little life he passed away on the morning of the 24th with meningococcal septicimia .I truly miss my little boy , he will be always in my heart .

Duncan Macdonald

Duncan was a very special husband to me and my soul mate for nearly 10 years who died suddenly of meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia over a weekend in January 2012 at the age of 45. He doted on our little daughter Heidi who was 2 years old at the time and he was a stay-at-home dad whilst I went to work and he done a wonderful job.

Nicola Evans

I am raising money in memory of my friends Nic and Richard.

Alastair Hellewell

Loving son of Ian & Diane Hellewell and a friend to many others

George Lyttle

Dearest George, you may have been small, but you put up a big fight! You will live on in our hearts for ever! With all our love, grandma Julia and grandad Tony, mummy and daddy, auntie Laura, grandma Linda and grandad Peter, uncle James and all our relatives and friends who were lucky to have met and held you in your short life.

Kathryn Keane

Kathryn was a beautiful 14 year old young girl when she died of menningitis on the 21st February 1996. I miss her every day but it is only now that I find myself organising this tribute. I want to remember Kate and hopefully help to reduce this terrible disease and support those who have survived.

Paul Webster

I have met Paul Stephen Webster at Bolton Little Theatre in 2006 when Cristiano Ronaldo had sent Wayne Rooney off and winked at the camera. Paul then asked me to go and watch Grease with him that was our first date. Our second date was going to pubs having drinks except he spilled a drink all over me.

Jackie Anderson

Jackie died of Septicaemia and Meningitis on Tues Dec 26th, 2006. She was 54 years old. She was the most wonderful wife, mother, daughter, friend, colleague, counsellor. Throughout her adult life she had chosen to help those in need or distress.

Darren Evans

Sadly Darren passed away after a brief but brave fight against Bacterial Meningitis. Darren was feeling unwell and complained of a severe headache on the morning of New Years Day 2011, where he sought help from Clevedon Cottage Hospital. When he returned home, Darrens condition rapidly deteriorated.

Lois Powell

Lois Anne Powell; born on 7th December 2011 weighing 6lb 11 ounce at 8 minutes past 8 pm who changed our lives forever. Lois was tragically taken from us 6th January 2013, of meningococcal septicaemia.

Tammy Harris

in loving memory of my wonderful mum.

Shae Shae

2011 - 2014

Shae shae was born in Royal gwent hospital Newport on February 19, 2011. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Sandra Hutcheon

This page is set up in memory of my beautiful, fun, loving mum. My mum was a nurse for years, always looking after others and putting herself last. She was the life and soul of the party, always full of mischief and fun, would make you laugh when feeling down.

Tiernan-Joseph Mowbray

Tiernan-Joseph Mowbray was larger than life. A gorgeous 5yr old boy, who we sadly lost due to Meningococcal Septicaemia when he fell asleep on Mothers Day. Loved and missed by all, and never forgotten. Shine bright like a diamond soldier boy. Mummy misses you soooo much.

Bhavini Mistry

In memory of Bhavini Mistry

Aidan Bullough

Aidan was a little ray of sunshine to all his friends and family and could make so many people smile without even trying to. Aidan was only three and a half when he died of meningitis in 2001 but in such a short time he touched so many lives and made them happy.

Jordan Mclaughlin

Jordan was born on 17th February 1986. He was only 18 years old when he died from Meningococcal Septicaemia. He was feeling ill one day and died the next morning. It was really that quick. My friends and family would like you to support the Meningitis Trust and the great work that they do to prevent further tragedies.

Edward Rawnsley

Edward developed a rare form of meningitis and died at 6 days old.

Jayden Conway

Jayden Lee is our beautiful 8 months old baby boy, who was sadly taken by meningoccal septicaemia on the 26/8/2010. He went from being a happy healthy baby to fighting for his life within a matter of hours.

Stuart Kirwin

Much loved partner of Tracy, loving daddy of Samuel, dearest son of Shirley and Michael and a great brother to Keith, Philip and Graham.

Amos King

This fund is to celebrate the short life of my son Amos. He was suddenly taken away from us on the 1st of june 2011 aged only 18 months. We are a very close family and this has devastated us all so we have decided to set up this charity in his memory.

Vicki Booth

Vicki Booth is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Stuart Fentham

In memory of Stuart

Christopher Ingram

A tribute to a very special person - Christopher Mark Ingram. A loving husband, son , brother, uncle, and friend to many. Dear Chris left us on 23rd April 2010, aged 27, but will forever be in our hearts.

Daniel Eliodoro Corpus Horne

2013 - 2015

Daniel Horne was born in London on October 05, 2013. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Sarah Robinson

Sarah louise Robinson died on the 20th of january 2008., one week after her 15th birthday. always looked for the possitives in life even at a young age. all she ever wanted was to be a auntie and she actually is now a auntie to a beautiful neice named Rosie Louise Robinson.

Kevin Biggs

In memory of Kevin - a wonderful husband, father and grandad who loved his family, a pint of Fosters with his mates and anything to do with Tottenham Hotspurs. Kevin sadly and suddenly died from meningitis on 14th March 2011.

Gabrielle Mcmillien

This fund has been set up in memory of a beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful young lady who sadly did not beat this cruel disease. Please give as little or as much as you can as every penny is gratefully received.

Shane White

Shane was a greatly loved Son, Fiance, Brother, Uncle, Nephew and Friend. He died suddenly of Meningitis on 31st March 2012 aged 38. His death has left a huge void for everyone in his life. Shane was a great achiever at work and loved outdoor pursuits.

Cole Reid

My son Cole was just 50 days old when he sadly lost his battle against meningitis.


2012 - 2013

Maddo was born in Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh at Little France on July 19, 2012. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Chloe Cain

Chloe was a cheeky and happy 3 year old who always had a smile on her face. Chloe was always a party animal could never get her of the dance floor and had just started nursery when she tragically lost her life to Pneumococcal Meningitis and Septicemia.

Leah Maclean

We will never forget our precious baby Leah.

John Blyth

Remembering John who will be hugely missed by everyone who knew him.

Bradley Pover

In loving memory of our beautiful son bradley who was born on 2nd january 2007 and fell asleep on the 15th of October 2007 aged just 9 mths. We have set up this fund to raise money in his memory. our aim is to try and wipe out this terrible disease meningococcal septicaemia and to stop it affecting peoples lifes like it has ours.

Ade Gibbs

"Sometimes life can be unkind when hearts are torn in two but nothing ever could compare to the pain of losing you But all the love you left behind forever will live on and so until we meet again rest peacefully, dear Son".

Amelia Winfield

This is my special little girl who sadly left this world to go to a better safer place. Mummy and Daddy miss her so much. She is missed everyday. Cant wait till we will be re-united. xXx On Oct 6th 2007 Amelia sadly died from meningitis. She was only just 7months. Although she was so young she had touched so many friends and families hearts.

Zach Moore

My gorgeous baby boy Zach was cruelly taken from me on 10th March 2008 aged just 6 months & 10 days by the horrendous disease meningococcal septicaemia, he was such a joy to be around.

Alan Greenslade

This is a tribute to our father Alan Greenslade aged 57, who died from meningococcal septicaemia on 23 January 2010 at the University Hospital of Wales. On Friday 8 january he was having a good night out with friends at his local pub and appeared to be in high spirits and in good health.

George Jnr

This fund is to remember my little angel cousin George Jnr.He was sadly taken from us at the very young age of 6 months. We never got to spend very long together but he is always remembered by the whole family.

Jasmin Jethwa

This page is in Loving memory of our beautiful angel Jasmin. She blessed us all with the time and love that she shared with us. We never had long enough with her, but with Jasmin forever and a day would not have been enough. Her smile, warmth and affectionate way will never be forgotten.

Corrine Hill

Corrine was born on the 24th June 1989, she was the apple of her Mothers eye, she was a beautiful baby and a lovely young girl who was very keen on sport and dance.

Isaac Teather-Lovejoy

My darling grandson Isaac, born 17th June 2004, died 5th July 2004. Always loved and always remembered.

Jenna Hodgins

A beautiful little angel x

James Smart

James contracted pneumococcal meningitis when he was 2 years old. Although the doctors told us to fear the worst james came fighting through it and six months after becoming ill we had our bright, funny, courageous james back.

Mia Corry

STARTED RAISING MONEY 17TH JANUARY 2013: SKYDIVE ACHIEVED 16TH FEBRUARY 2013: Hi everyone, I am raisng money for Meningitis UK in loving memory of my beautiful brave daughter Mia who sadly passed away Tuesday 24th January 2012 due to 'Group A Haemolytic Streptococcal Septicaemia' aged just 3 years 9 months old, sadly we lost Mia's daddy just...

Lily Helliker

Lily was only 4 and a half months old when she was taken from us by this terrible disease. We like many others didn't know much about meningitis, and didn't realize that it could strike as quickly as it did with Lily, we also didn't realize that not every person who contracts this disease doesn't get the rash.

Cici Holden

Cici Milly Holden was a loved and cherished little girl who died tragically of Meningococcal Septicaemia at just 17 months old. She was a beautiful soul and little sister to Joey and Ellis and daughter to television Presenter Danielle Nicholls and footballer Dean Holden. We miss her every day.

Harsevakpal Singh

Also known as Bobo. The most special son and brother in the world. Bobo contracted meningitis at the age of 4 weeks old. Misdiagnosed by doctors, he was left severely disabled, losing his speech, sight and ability to walk.

Thomas Samuel Cotton

During Thomas's short life we were so lucky to have received such tremendous help and support at each stage. These charities enabled us to bring Thomas home and to live some normal family life for a short time, for which we are eternally grateful.

Henry Thackray

In loving memory of our son Henry Thackray who died of meningitis aged 11 months old in February 2006. We miss you so much Henry bear xxx We started this Forever Fund after receiving so many donations at Henry's funeral.

Ellena Mae

Our precious daughter Ellena Mae, known to most people as Elley. Tragically died on the 8th April 1999 after contracting meningitis, she fought for her life, putting up a damn good fight being the determined little madam she always was, but at only 23 months she just wasn’t strong enough.

Barbara Bradley

Raising money for meningitis uk in memory of Barbara Bradley who sadly passed away on 05.01.2013. A wonderful women who will always be in our hearts.

Alfie Mosgrove

Alfie Jay, beautiful blue eyed boy only five months old when septaceimia stole him from us. He touched so many lives and hearts in his short life, like an angel sent to bring us closer and make us joyful. Such a happy chappy he was and he fought till the end but after fighting for 9 hours meningitis got the better.

Paul White

Paul was taken suddenly from his two daughters Lucy(3) and Ellie(1) on the 5th january 2012 by Pneumococcal Meningitis. Aged only 35 he also leaves behind his partner Melanie , father Geoffrey and brother Darren. This Tribute site is for his two children, Melanie and anyone who knew Paul.

Sara Kingston

Sara Diane Kingston 25th August 1976 - 10th November 1976 Daughter of Stephen and Diane. Sister to Sharon, Steff, Shellie, Tanya and Amy.

Daniel Cain

In memory of Daniel James Cain born 8th May 1995 who sadly lost his life on 9th December 1996. With a smile always on his face he will never be forgotten.

Stephanie Mcdonald

Born march 1993 past away November 2011 aged 18. Was a loving and caring sister to two older brothers a sister in law a 1 year old nephew and to her mom, dad, family and friends. She had flu like symptoms for around 24hrs. The doctors said it was pointless to take her to the hospital because she wasn't showing any symptoms of the disease.

Maureen Murray

My Wonderful Mum, Gone far to soon but never forgotten.

Jaxon Roy Kelly

Jaxon passed away on the 24th March suddenly from Meningitis. He was 2yrs 4 months. Jaxon was the brighest and most beautiful boy and was the star of our family. We hope to raise monies to help find a vaccine and to also support other families effected by Meningitis.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones was my grandfather, and he died from meningitis a few years ago. He was a brilliant, and very proud man. I am hoping that this fund will be one more thing he could be proud of.

Richard Slater

In loving Memory of my dear brother Richard, who sadly lost his life to Meningitis in February 2007 aged 46 years old. A lovely fun person he left behind a beautiful daughter wife sister mum and dad. He was no doubt the life and soul of the party in his youth and he played some very naughty jokes on me !

Kacie Steer

in memory of our precious daughter princess kacie born 26 January 2008 and our first born on the 11th feb 2013 suddenly lost her life to meningitis. she was a clever happy out going little girl and this horrible thing took her life and we would like to help to prevent other family's from going through this horrible nightmare.

Travis Hughes

I am setting this up in honour of my gorgeous baby boy who unfortunately passed away on the 2nd of january 2013 at 18 months of meningitis. We want to raise as much money as we can to help anyone thats been affected and to keep our boys memory alive!

Ryan Norton

Ryan Norton born 13 may 2010 died 15 November 2010 was a much loved son and long awaited for by every one in the family. Was taken from us so cruelly by a secondary infection brought on by Meningitus.He fought against it so bravely but his body could take no more.

John Mathews

Thank you for your contribution to John's Tribute Fund.

Richard Hilton

Richard Mark Hilton was born on the 17th July 1983 and passed away on New Years Eve 1987 after contracting pneumococcal meningitis. He was a very quite young boy, very loving and caring and would have turned out to be a very handsome young man.

Ella Funnell

Ella was with us for just 18 days but will never be forgotten. She was the most beautiful, contented baby and so well loved. Our gorgeous little daughter became ill very quickly and although the doctors at both East Surrey and St Thomas' Evalina hospitals did everything they could to help her, she could not be saved.

Tillie Colbourne

Our little girl TILLIE ISABELLE JANE COLBOURNE who was born on 06th November 2008 unfortuantely caught Pneumococcal Meningitis and passed away very peacefully on Friday 07th May 2010 :'-(( She was such a BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS little Girl who we cant begin to explain or imagine life without her...

Eloise Williams

eloise was born on the 22nd may 1998 to andrew n rosie,sadley rosie passed away on 12th april 2007.eloise was also known as ellie.since the day ellie was born she was known as DADDY'S LITTLE PRINCESS,and she touched the hearts of everyone she knew n loved.

Brayden Hume

Born on 16th December 2008, Brayden was a happy child that was loved by many. He always had a smile for everyone. After being diagnosed with conjunctivitus on the 29th June 2009 his mother Naomi just kept an eye on him thinking it would clear up in a few days. 2 days later at 7am he was rushed through to Kings Mill with purple spots.

Kai Walters

To most beautiful boy ever are missed every day, loved forever & forever loved.

Jean Vidot

This is a tribute page for jean Vidot Jean, we were so close and each time we meet it was very friendly and calm atmosphere, we joke and laugh with your crazy stuff. I could remember that last time in a get together at Tant Dina’s place. I still have photos of you eat and drinking that day.

Julie Crouthers

Julie Mavis Crouthers was born on 28th October 1946. She was a dedicated and loving wife, mother and grandmother. Julie was taken suddenly and peacefully early on 6th April 2009 aged 62. She will be greatly missed by her husband and children.

Sean Boland

Eighteen-year-old Sean Lewis Boland, a sapper with 1 Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) Regiment, died in hospital on Sunday 19/02/12 after he fallen ill with Meningitis. Sean, who was born in Rochdale and grew up around Spotland, joined the army shortly after leaving Oulder Hill Community School and Language College when he was 16.

Karl Greenwood

karl was my little brother who died of meningitis age 9 month on 24th april 1988 i was only 7 years old.

Isla-Rose Barrett-Campbell

Isla-Rose was born on 25th July 2000 and contracted meningitis when she was three and a half weeks old. She fought bravely, but sadly passed away on 9th December 2003.

Leo Radclifee

beautiful baby leo was born on the 13/12/09 and tragically died on the 4/6/10 of menenjicoccal septicemia (group b) he was only 5 month old and just started to roll over, his personality had started to shine...and the most loveable bouncy baby anyone could of wished for, he left all the people who loved him heartbroken when the bug destroyed him...

Jojo Fund

Jojo was born on July 29 2002, a happy healthy 7lb 12 oz bouncing baby boy. He made evey day so special for his loved ones, and lit up peoples lives with his smile. I had the privilege of holding him in my arms for 6 years, 6 months and 24 days. We now hold him in our heart. On the 24th Febuary 2009 my little boy went to play with the angels.

Ben Sillwood

Remembering my lovely son Ben Sillwood,who we lost so suddenly to Meningitis, in March 2001 ,he was only 13mths,The pain of losing someone so persious will always be with me forever... He was so loving,happy little boy who had so much to live for,its only now that i fill i can help with raising awareness for this tragic disease ...

Costa Ayvaliklis

Costa was a lively 25 year old young man with his whole life ahead of him! My brother left behind a beautiful 5 year old little girl who he adored and loved to death!!! This terrible disease took his life on the 8th August 2011 after a trip back from Spain.

Paul Brown

i am running the great north run on sunday 18th september to raise money for the meningitis trust. my dad tragically died of meningitis 10 years ago, less than a day after being diagnosed with the illness.

Charlie Forrester

Charlie was my gorgeous special little boy. He was born on 31st May 2006, sadly he died on 24th June 2006 just 3 1/2 weeks old. He changed eveyone's life who came into contact with him and was adored and much loved by eveyone.

Alex Day

Alex, a loving son to Tracey and Mick, a wonderful brother to Oliva and a great friend to all those that knew him. My brother, Ben, was fortunate to have been a close friend of Alex's and has nothing but, to quote Alex himself, "biblical" memories of their times together. He will always be in our thoughts.

Ian North

Ian North

Richard Simpson

Richard was struck down suddenly with Meningococcal Septicaemia and died on the 1st October 1994 he was just 22. He had a great but too short a life and although no longer with us the memories will always remain. I hope everyone visiting Richards Tribute will remember the good things he brought to their lives.

Juliette Mactaggart

'Minnie' with your infectious laughter and mischevious ways you will never be forgotten. Ju - your dedication to your family will always be remembered, and your passion for ponies will always live on. We will always be remembered as 'soul mates'.

Ashleigh Barnes

Our precious little angel Ashleigh. Taken from us aged 9mths. You were the light of our lives sweetheart & not a day goes by without us thinking about you and your cheeky little smile. Mummy,Daddy, lil sis Rea & all the family miss you so,so much.

Mary Gray

Dear friend, loving mother and wife.. you are missed.

Sana Khan

Sana was a bright bubbbly little girl who sadly died at the age of 14months on February 15th 2004. I am raising funds via cardmaking and selling to family and friends and parents in my local community. I donate 50% from each to the tribute fund the other 50% goes towards the cost of the materials.

Thomas Smith

im setting this up in memory of my son Thomas

Angel Tesfamariam

We lost our Angel on October 10th, 2009 through Meningitis. She was a true Angel with so much love to give. She had so much to offer in life but God took her away because she was special. She saved 3 lives by donating her heart, kidney and liver. She is so blessed we are the most lucky parents to have such a special daughter in our lives.

Melissa Spilsbury


Cecil Frier

My very special Dad, Died when he was just 61 of Pneumococcal Meningitis. I was 21 when he died and have missed him so very much, especially at all the life events along the way. I am pleased that I can do something special to remember him on my big Birthday.

Lesley Bryce

Daughter, Wife, Mother, granny, and friend. My mam was all of these and more.

Zulshen Shah

My daughter Zulshen Shah was born 3rd July 2002 & died Christmas Day 2002 aged 5 months from meningoco.ccal septicaemia. The loss of my first child has hit me extremely hard & it is only now 8 years later I am taking steps to accept her death & learn to move on but only with the support I have recieved from The Meningitis Trust.

Lisa Richardson

Lisa was the most generous, loving & hard working person you could ever meet, She would do anything for anybody. Sadly she was taken from us on 2nd November 2003 from Meningicoccol Meningitis & Septicaemia, and we miss her everyday and we have been fundraising for the charity ever since.

Jayden Ball

My Best Friends little boy who passed away from meningitis at only 5 month old

Samuel Ambrose

Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow; I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain; I am the gentle autumn's rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight.

Ruby-Louise Smith

my little girl who sadly passed away on 27th May 2009, from contracting Meningococcal septicemia. Ruby was just 5 months old and she was taken from me in just 6hours!

Barry Connell

Barry Connell sadly passed away in 2008 due to a rare form of acute meningitis. Barry was destined for big things and performed on the Radio 1 Essential Mix at his hometown residency of Inside Out in Glasgow, shortly before his life was tragically cut short.

Sandra Cooper

Sandra died in Dec 1969. She was 5 and a half years old and she died of Meningococcal Septecemia. She passed away within 4 days of being diagnosed. She is dearly missed by her mum, dad, brothers, sisters and all the family.

Christopher Pollard

Chris was a loving son who came home from work complaining of a painful knee, after a visit to the local minor injury unit we took him to the Colchester A&E department, where he deteriorated rapidly. The Staff fought for 6 hours to save him, but he died in the early hours.

Robert Walker

Robert (Robbie to his family and friends) was a kind and caring young man. Loved by many he was cruelly taken from us in 2004 at a very young age. Robbie was always there if you needed a shoulder to lean on and kept us all laughing with his cheeky smile.

Kai Ryan-Warburton

Our Monkey!! x Three Months of Bliss and now you are a real Angel..

Francis Joseph Cassidy

Francis Joseph Cassidy 20/03/53 - 10/12/08 Died suddenly of Septicemia due to Group A Streptococcal Infection. We will never stop missing him. God bless

Jonathan Hopp

Jonathan (JJ) Hopp - 28.11.02 to 25.07.06 The most beautiful boy in the world. He loved everyone and just wanted to talk and play. And eat chocolate cake! We had so much fun, and he and his sister, Eloise, idolised each other.

Mohammad Saeed


Colin Logan

In memory of my big brother Colin Logan who passed away on 8th March 2001, 28years from Meningococcal Septicemia. He has left a very big gap in my life and will never be forgotten. In memory of Colin I will be running the Great Eastern Run (13 miles) on Sunday 11th October.

Ellie Tia

she was only three weeks old when she got meningitis and it was the most scary thing to happen in my life.

Jenna Roby

This Tribute Fund has been set up in memory of my beautiful cousin Jenna, who we sadly lost to Meningitis in February 2005 when she was just 16. Although Jenna lives on in our hearts, we would like to keep her memory alive by raising money for The Meningitis Trust to help other families who have been affected by this terrible disease.

Zara Asad

Zara we miss you more than anything and think about you all the time. Everything seems empty without you. Mumma Daddy and Hamza mish you and luv u loads. This has been set up to help children suffering from meningitis...please help with whatever you can.

Luke Hanratty

In memory of Luke

Sandra Fund

Sandra was my very dear sister... someone I was proud to know. She was funny, a real friend, a wonderful mother and a cherished daughter and sister. She will never be forgotten and lives on in her two lovely son's and remains in the hearts of her family. She was so gentle and kind... she loved children...

Tillie Colbourne

Our little girl TILLIE ISABELLE JANE COLBOURNE who was born on 06th November 2008 unfortuantely caught Pneumococcal Meningitis and passed away very peacefully on Friday 07th May 2010 :'-(( She was such a BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS little Girl who we cant begin to explain or imagine life without her...

Jade Thomas

Jade was a very popular and loved daughter, sister, aunty, niece, friend, teacher and diva!!! She has left behind a legacy within the school she taught, and with the family and friends who adored her. Jade contracted meningococcal meningitis whilst on holiday in Miami in April 2009.

Aaliyah Wells

2005 - 2009

Aaliyah Wells was born on June 17, 2005. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Thomas Worthington

A much loved grandson that was adored by everyone. Thomas was born 9 weeks premature and passed away on the very day he should have arrived in this world. We are eternally grateful to the neonatal unit at Kings Mill Hospital, Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, for all their help and support.

Thomas Hogg

On 25th June 2008, we lost our beloved son Thomas to this awful disease very suddenly, in just 4 hours he was taken from us. He was such a pleasant fella and a big fella at that. I'm sure he would have played for Saints Rugby team! He was always smiling and laughing at his sister Charlotte who misses him so much.

Grace Smith

Grace was a beautiful little girl full of life and energy. She was an incredible headstrong character who touched the lives of everyone she met. She was very active and always on the go. She adored going to nursery and formed some close relationships with many of the children, especially Ben whom she greeted with a kiss everyday.

Connie Delbridge

Remembering Connie Delbridge of Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Charlie Giles-Impiazzi

'Chopper' as some of you know him by, and 'blue eyed boy' his mummy called him, so suddenly taken from us on 18th May 2006 aged only 13.5 months old. We all miss you so very much. There are nowhere near enough words to describe how much we all love you.

Robert Kay

Robert known as Bob or Rab to some Down to earth, love of nature, wonderful dad, fantastic baker and chef. Following an almost fatal car accident . 5yr later contracted Bacterial Meningitis nearly 31 yrs ago. Bob was such a character, fun to be with by those who knew him and passionate about his fishing, fast cars and love of country music.

Brian Newell

brian n i were married 4 9yrs he was such a charector a loving, funny but very much a family man. He was born in liverpool, on the 22nd feb 1970 sadly died on the 13th april 2008. He had menigitis 7 times from a early age, sadly he lost his sister sandra in 1989/90 from menigitis which he never got ova.

Natalie Watson

Natalie was born 11th August 1981 and tragically died 18th April 2000 aged 18yrs. Natalie came from a loving family and had close friends who all remember her cheeky grin,perfect smile and careing ways. They often found her a great comfort someone to turn to in their lives.

Ryan Moores

Ryan was 1 of twins who died within 16hrs of meningitis in 1994. We wasnt aware of meningitis at the time so our goal is to raise awareness and money into this disease. We dont want anyone else to go through what our family went through.

Thomas Steven Brian Wicks


Thomas Wicks was born in Medway Hospitl on February 12, 2014. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Leigha Anne Ferran

2002 - 2006

Our Leigha Anne was born in Princess Royal Glasgow on February 21st, 2002. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Alfie Jay Mosgrove


alfie mosgrove was born in carlisle on July 01, 2011. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Muriel Hawker

A beautiful piano player

courtney shannon bell

2000 - 2004

courtney bell was born in edinburgh on February 19, 2000. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.


1990 - 2012

kosa was born on January 01, 1990. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

James Lee

8 months old died of meningitis as it was not caught early enough

Daniel Charlesworth

Daniel passed away on September 27th 1988, he suffered with Encephelitis. Daniel was only 14 months old. He was born on 6th July 1987. He is my only son, with three sisters. Since his death I have raised over £45,000 for variuos charities.

Joshua Lloyd

joshua was 18 months and our only son that we waited 7 years for he was all we ever wished for in life everything about him was special from the day he was born he loved football and would only wacth football on the tv and would never wacth cartoons no matter how hard i tried he loved life and everything around him but sadley joshua was taken to...

Charlie Stewart

charlie stewart 19 months old when he died with meningitis so suddenly. He was a loving happy little boy who stayed with his nana elaine with his brothers who are going to miss him so much. A much loved son,grandson, great grandson, brother,nephew and cousin. Charlie is going to be missed by all the family and friends that he made smile everyday.

Charlie Stewart


Ryan Wild

Ryan was born on the 15-04-02 and passed away on the 05-02-03.Ryan was born 7 weeks early and weighed 2lb 10oz so we nick named him little bag of sugar.He came out of hospital a month after he was born.He never cried and was very happy.The day before Ryan passed away i had taken him to the doctors and the doctor said he had a chest infection.

Jaa Fund

My lovely son

Megan Louise

my baby girl

Megan Wyman

Megan was a beautiful, lovey girl who everyone adored, she was taken from us way too soon. We all miss you and there isn't a day goes by where we dont think of you. R.I.P Megz.

Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts sadly passed away on christmas day from meningitis. She leaves behind her husband Pete and her 2 sons. Julie was a bubbly, full of life person who saw the good in everyone. A truly fantastic women who will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Bradley Ward

10-03-04 - 30-10-04 Aged 7 month, Died of Meningicoccel Septicemia. Sadly Missed..

Harrison Dickenson

my son has had meningitis a year ago and luckly surived. he had bacterial meningitis and nearly died.

Wesley Ankra

Good luck running for this amazing cause, shall try and point you out to Ellis!

Jodie Wilan

jodie was at my school at sanden

Marshall Watkinson

our darling beutiful little man was only 11. the most polite & caring boy i've ever known. He had so much to give & didn't even know how intellegant & clever he really was. Marshall's family meant the world to him. especially his little brother, Ashley 6yrs they were so so close. ashley idolised his big brother. as did his cousins.

Jayde German

Jayde was taken from us on 25th June 2011 she had no symptoms of meningitis just an upset stomach so it was a. Shock to find out that nothing could b done to save her. The impact this has had on our family is devastating . Jayde was the first child and grandchild for both families. Much loved and looking forward to starting school in September.

Michael Fisher

Michael, known to most as Mick, was a loving Dad to Louise and Charlotte, a fun and chatty father-in-law to Dave and Jay and a kind and caring Grandad to Jake, Abbie, Morgan , Mason and Jensen. Dad grow up in Maxstoke(he was named after the church there St Michael and All Angels), he had a very loving and close family around him.

Callum Blade Hubbard

1999 - 2014

Callum Hubbard was born in Chesterfield on August 08, 1999. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Charlie Joseph Giles-Impiazzi

2005 - 2006

Charlie Giles-Impiazzi was born in guildford, surrey on April 04, 2005. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Ben Antony Sillwood

2000 - 2001

BEN Sillwood was born in Stoke Mandeville on February 06, 2000. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Sidney James Roberts

1933 - 2017

This site is a tribute to Sidney Roberts, who was born on April 15, 1933. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Kurt Daniel Schmidt

1963 - 2015

Kurt Schmidt was born in St. Paul, MN on November 26, 1963. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Caitlyn Mia Jenkins


Caitlyn Jenkins was born in Nottingham on June 12, 2004. She is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Kelsey Fielder

Kelsey Fielder is much loved and will always be remembered by all her friends and family.

Glyn Thomas

Glyn Thomas is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Michelle Whyte

This site is a tribute to Michelle Whytr. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Maisy Anne Winifred Dicks (Mad Maisy)

2005 - 2019

This site is a tribute to Mad maisy, who was born in Prince Charles hospital merthyr tydfil on May 03, 2005. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Evie Jane May

2014 - 2019

This site is a tribute to Evie May, who was born in Manchester on October 04, 2014. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Samuel Joshua Cook

This site is a tribute to Samuel Joshua Cook . He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Jess Jay

This site is a tribute to jess jay. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Sarah Smith

This site is a tribute to Sarah Smith. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Shirley Ann Warmeant

This site is a tribute to Shirley Ann Warmeant. She is much loved and will always be remembered.

Finely Stewart Wignall (Fimbo)

2007 - 2010

Fimbo was born in Watford on October 09, 2007. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his friends and family.

Troy Terrence Davies

1997 - 2016

This site is a tribute to Troy Davies, who was born in Epsom on July 29, 1997. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Kieran Grantham

This site is a tribute to Kieran Grantham. He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Raymond Burrell

This site is a tribute to Raymond Burrell. He is much loved and will always be remembered.